Wednesday, August 03, 2016

Aviaries & Yard 2016
I have just subdivided a few of my aviaries that now gives me 4 new aviaries to put birds in.
I have concreted half my back yard to stop my whole back yard looking like the moons craters, my last dogs & these dogs have dug so many holes.
I just made a new benchtop in my birdroom to put breeding cabinets on & store the bird seed under it, up to now I used the other bench on other side to hold all my breeding & holding & hospital cages ect, the other side was wasted other than having all my seed drums, so now its a dual purpose seed & breeding cages.
I also showed a pic of my electric fence setup on the back of the aviaries, with 5 cats next door I had to make sure it worked, I also placed 1 inch bird wire 9inches high along the fence to stop the cats straddling & walking along the fence, when I built the poles for the fence I made some that can move a bit if hit by a cat when leaping, as they have done big damage before & stretched the wires, I also put a twist in the wires so they stretch & give a bit rather than break.
I also just added a new 6 x 6 mtr workshop, the workshop is the back section on the big shed with the aircon at the back, I also just added a garden shed & the birdroom that is next to the aviaries, I also put a 3/4 size snooker table in my workshop, but the boys won't play with me so now its covered with junk.